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I have been purchasing snow capped speakers for quite a while now, and no others have inspired me too at the cost, aside from jbl and rockford fosgate, which are my other 2 go to brands. kenwood headunits, snow capped jbl or rockford entryway speakers, high, rockford, jbl or jl subs and elevated, rockford jbl or jl amps and you cannot turn out badly. most others cannot approach the exactness and sound for the cost of the sort s snow capped speakers.
I have had all from 5.25" speakers to 5x7s to 6x9s to 6.5" to 6.5" parts and I like the cajole the best and truly dependably have the same number of times remote mounted tweeters sound abrasive alone and hybrids that are massive need to go some place and have a tendency to be what breaks, urge you can wire up screw down and stick, well with the exception of eq and amp pick up modifications however these 6x9s shake. highs are fresh without being deafening and screechy like numerous unendingness and jl mark speakers and not very quieted like numerous polk and pioneer, the 3 route in the 6x9s gives awesome division, the 2 courses in different sizes work in littler autos and speakers, (for example, the 2 way write s 6.5" I have with these in my xterra in the secondary passages, they function admirably in the littler back seat zone, yet the 6x9s function admirably in the front entryway (manufacturing plant measured) and the additional speaker cone zone from a 3 way causes them direct the music so anyone can hear, perfect and clear, the 2 ways are less fresh on the highs yet at the same time great sounding and clean, get the 3 ways in the event that you have a substantial vehicle or territory and need great spotless and boisterous speakers and 2 ways are better when the region is littler, for example, a car or hatchback.

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